Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant in NYC

Last week Manhattanites were treated to a true rarity...a fine-dining pop-up Cheetos restaurant, with dishes conceived and prepared by celebrity chef Anne Burrell.

Yes, you heard all of that right. Fine-dining. Restaurant. Celebrity Chef. Cheetos.

It was called The Spotted Cheetah and it operated for a mere three days. But diners said the food was delicious, although perhaps a little overwhelming in flavor. "Classy" was what many said. I checked the spelling to make sure they didn't say "cheesy," although I'm betting the flavors were full of cheese as well.

This on the heels of the brands Cannes award-winning online museum that had fans in a frenzy. Rightly so.

Pretty brilliant engagement, if you ask me. And if you were to ask me if they should turn this into an established establishment instead of just a pop-up, then I would absolutely say "YES!"

Crunch! What's your experience? JIM