Rose in a Pouch?

I've been drinking rose wine year 'round, long before rose wine became a "thing." Long before "rose all day!" Despite the second looks from waiters when I'd order a rose in January, I've always enjoyed the dryness, the crispness, and yes even the color...any time I can get it. Even in the middle of winter.

And through the years I've seen rose evolve its packaging (across many brands) from cork to screw top to box and even to can. Yes, a can of rose.

But I've yet to see a pouch...until now. Secretly billed as the "Capri Sun for Adults," Electric Rose Wine Company is introducing a rose pouch. Easy for travel and the beach or really anywhere where glass and glasses could present a problem.

Making "rose all day" even more meaningful..."rose all day any way."

Like it? What's your experience? JIM.