The Delta Dating Wall

Yesterday I wrote about the big Amazon installation in Times Square...the tallest ever for that location (maybe for any location).

Keeping in the spirit of cool stunts, I thought it would be fun to give a shoutout to Delta Airlines and their partnership with Tinder that included a cool installation in Brooklyn.

It's called the Delta Dating Wall, and it featured iconic visuals from Delta destinations that singles could take selfies in front of...making it look like they've traveled to this great spot...and posting on Tinder to get a good swipe.

Fun! And a great way to make Delta a relevant brand to singles...perhaps singles looking to do a little travel.

My favorite "selfie wall," if you will remain the one from Paul Smith who partnered with Instagram for Pride Month with a reinvention of their infamous pink wall, which happens to be the most "selfied" spot in LA.

What's not to love? What's your experience? JIM