Snickers Packaging

The "Not Yourself" campaign from Snickers is now hit legendary status, built on a universal insight that when you're hungry you're just not yourself. Think about it...when you're hungry it's much harder to be patient, creative, loving, analytical...whatever qualities make up who you are.

The campaign started with this classic with Betty White:

And then went on to feature some divas:

And some historical figures too:

Any good marketing campaign must also be fully integrated. So while it's great to have great advertising and social content, a comprehensive campaign should hit other touchpoints too. Like what Snickers has now so brilliantly done with its packaging:

Bringing it to life full circle, right at the point of purchase and as you consume it to alleviate your hunger. Essentially solving "Not Yourself" right in the moment.

Not only a universal insight but also great integration!

What's your experience? JIM