Hotel Tonight

Creating a successful business is often about fulfilling an unmet need in the category. Great marketing is getting people to want your brand to fulfill that need.

That appears to be the case with the newly minted Hotel online app that helps you find a last minute hotel room.

The unmet need here is that sometimes you decide at the last minute that you need a hotel room. Perhaps a night out with friends that you don't want to end, or a flip in a business meeting that requires another day. Hotel Tonight helps you find that quick hotel room without paying the price of an exhaustive search and last-minute high prices.

As someone who's business travel needs have generally been very fluid, this is a great service because it cuts out of lot of the worry and hassle that you might get stranded. I can also remember back in the day when those late-night train rides back home cut the night short and it would have been fun to continue on with friends.

Hotel Tonight. It's a new flip to the traditional (and newly non-traditional) hospitality model.

What's your experience? JIM