Ben & Jerry's Pint Slices

"It's Ben & Jerry's, any way you slice it!"

No truer words were ever said in marketing.

I first saw them on a NYC subway ad, and then in my little convenience store across the street from my apartment. Then on my social feed. That's when a smile filled my entire being.

File this under simple yet brilliant, controlled yet out of control. Pint Slices from Ben & Jerry's.

Really just a chocolate-coated bar of ice cream, not unlike what other brands offer. But this is a slice of the infamous Ben & Jerry's pint, you know the one you like to eat in its entirety while binge-watching tv!
Nothing hugely innovative here...really just another way to serve a classic. But so dead-on in terms of consumer behavior and mindset when it comes to this iconic brand.

I bet it somehow just tastes better, too! What's your experience? JIM