Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is giving Black Friday a run for its money.

Black Friday and its "cousin" Cyber Monday have become the biggest shopping days of the brick and mortar retailers and then online venues as well. As we all know, the two shopping days fall immediately following Thanksgiving and straddle the holiday weekend. They are huge, and literally every retailer gets into the game somehow.

Well now Amazon is challenging convention once again by upping the game on Prime Day, an all day/night online shopping extravaganza exclusively on Amazon exclusively for its Prime Members. Thirty hours of online shopping "deals" with a new deal listed every five minutes. And then "Lightening Deals" that get randomly announced at super low prices in finite quantities.

It's enough to make your head spin. And of course everyone is getting in the game with advice and tips on how to max out.

I think the key is how fast can you click. Online retailing leadership at its best. What's your experience? JIM