Two Classics Start Delivery

It's been no secret that Millennials have changed how we all shop and have changed our expectations of what good customer service is all about. Hence we've seen the rise of upstarts giving traditional market leaders a run for their money, and new consumer demands change the retail game.

And many of these classic brands are pushing right back. You just love good marketing!

Like Gillette, a brand I've written quite a bit about on my blog. I assume in response to brands like Dollar Shave Club, the brand started Gillette On Demand which is an easy-to-order replacement service/subscription. For just $1.00 a blade.

Like Walmart, a brand I've worked on quite a bit in my career. I assume in response to brands like Amazon, the brand started an associate delivery service where Walmart employees drop off consumer purchases on their way home. It's a great way to get delivery and a great way for employees to make some extra cash...all being a part of the community.

As we continue to see the retail landscape dramatically change due to our shifting shopping behaviors, we know we'll see more and more classic brands changing their models as well. Marketing is a spectator sport after all!

What's your experience? JIM