Cayuga's Watchers

This is a pretty brilliant idea.

I remember fondly my days "on the hill" at Cornell University which was "far above Cayuga's waters." Cayuga being one of the Finger Lakes. And of course I remember fondly the fraternity parties we hosted and also attended weekend after weekend. It was the stuff of college memories.

This is a pretty brilliant idea spreading across college campuses, including Cornell, to help keep students safe at these college parties. Designated "watchers" attend parties just to watch over people and make sure they stay safe.

At Cornell, they're called "Cayuga Watchers" as in "far above..." There is also a very popular glee club on campus called "Cayuga's Waiters." Just gotta love the branding. Brilliant. Makes it all so sincere and integrated into campus life.

But they're not spies. They are actually hired by the party host and in known attendance, just merely watching over the festivities and safely calling out behaviors that could lead to trouble. I can tell you that if we had this kind of "service" when I was in college then I would have not have minded at all. And as a father now, I wish the schools that my two kids attended had put this in place.

This is a pretty brilliant idea. Click here to read more about it.

What do you think? What's your experience? JIM