"Socks are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters."

This mostly unknown fact became the inspiration behind the company Bombas. Two friends/colleagues started a sock company with a simple formula: for every pair of socks bought they would donate a specially-created, highly-functional pair of socks to homeless shelters. Their goal: donate one million pairs of socks within 10 years. It only took 2.5, and they're already over 3.5 million pairs.

They called the company Bombas, the Latin word for bees. Bees live in hives and work as a team. Bees are unbelievably productive and they give back to the community. Bees are good for planet earth.

The name is a perfect fit. Just like the socks.

I always say that a brand should deliver an emotional benefit, and Bombas clearly delivers on that front. But when it comes to function, there's no stopping the products either.

Here's a video that explains the entire concept:

So inspiring. The perfect formula...function, emotion, purpose, community, sharing, giving back. Bombas.

What's your experience? JIM