What's In Store for Gay Pride 2017?

It's now June, which means it's Pride Month. If you read my book Out and About Dad, then you know "it's the most wonderful time of the year."

Among the many festivities, I love watching all the brand activity that comes out during Pride Month, and there's more and more of it as each year goes by. Let's see what's in store, literally, for 2017!

Here's a shout-out to my favorite from last year...when Skittles literally "gave up" its rainbow in honor of Gay Pride LA and London with limited edition packaging.

We can also count on loyal supporter Target to make an appearance this year, and in fact the retailer has already, once again, installed its #TakePride Stores at many locations.

And LA Instagram favorite Paul Smith has already gotten into Pride this year by painting its infamous pink wall into the rainbow in celebration. Everyone, and I do mean "everyone" flocks to the pink wall to snap a pic, so now you can imagine the prideful traffic flow!

More to come this year...stay tuned.

What's your experience? JIM