New Dove Body-Type Bottles

For years now, Dove has stood for "real beauty" as told by their enduring and highly successful marketing campaign. It's everyone's "case study" and it comes up in my class at NYU semester after semester after semester. It made headlines at launch, and continues to make headlines at each major step of its rollout.

This week was no exception, when Dove launched a new line of packaging to represent various female body types. Beyond retail displays, I believe this is the first time the brand has used its packaging as part of the "real beauty" campaign.

Let's just say the reaction was swift and definitive. No go. I'm a big fan of the brand...the entire line. I'm sure they had no idea the reaction would be so fast.

Here's just one that was shared over and over again:

I can see where the brand was going...apparently women didn't want to follow. At least if the initial social reaction is any indication.

What's your experience? JIM