Monopoly Token

I will admit that when I first heard about this program back in March, I was kinda intrigued. But then it kinda fell off my radar. But that doesn't mean I don't kinda love it.

The iconic board game Monopoly from Hasbro decided to "refresh" its token pieces. Instead of just going about it themselves, they asked consumers to choose which ones to boot and which ones to add. Well along with the thimble and the wheelbarrow, the boot got the boot. But the brand added a rubber ducky, T-Rex, and a penguin. I guess the hashtag didn't get enough votes.

The pieces didn't go quietly though, as rabid fans worked hard to keep the classics alive. But alas, progress prevailed.

Still not sure why the hashtag didn't win.

Clever. Not only to refresh the classics, but to ask folks to contribute. Great engagement. Got me thinking about playing again, which is exactly the point.

Have you played lately? What's your experience? JIM