Kraft Mac & Cheese - Swear Like a Mother

These days more than ever, it's important for a brand to show that it understands what its consumers are going through. If a brand wants engagement, then it has to show empathy and authenticity.

Which is exactly what Kraft Mac & Cheese is doing with this Mother's Day spot. It's based on a stat that 74% of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids. And it poses a question: What are the other 26% doing?


Another stat...moms swear more than dads. Hmm. So the brand is offering some advice, from a well known influencer (and author) in the space.

But there's more...Moms (and I guess their kids) can go to to download a free Mother's Day card, with creative curse words ala the video I suppose.

Was this a risk? Linking swearing with motherhood? Sure was, but hey, parenting is a risk so why not show what life is really like! Can't you just hear the critique as you read this?!? But for me, it's real life and real engagement.

What's your experience? JIM