The Brands of April Fool's Day

It seems like every year more and more brands get into the April Fool's Day action by putting out outlandish messaging in order to "fool" us. "Entertain" us is more like it.

And why shouldn't brands participate? It's a big moment in our pop culture, so if they want to be a part of our lives then they should participate...provided what they put out there is in keeping with their brand.

Time did a nice rundown of a lot of the activity this year. Click here to give it a read.

I do have a favorite. Not because it's the best or the most clever or the most creative or the most strategic. But just simply because it's the most "dog." Anything with a dog is going to get me...can't get enough of them.

Petlexa from Amazon. Amazon "introduced" a new version of its device Alexa for pets...Petlexa. You just gotta love it!

And I've just gotta give an honorable mention to Google Gnome, which falls in the same category. As an adjunct to its new Google Home device, Google launch Google Gnome, an outdoor version. Good for pets outdoors too, I suppose.

Happy April Fool's Day!  What's your experience? JIM