Baby Dove

The Dove brand just sent me this moving piece of content for its new line of baby products...Baby Dove.  It features dads. #RealDads.

My first job in brand management was on Johnson's Baby Products back in the late '80's, so you can imagine how excited I am to see this. Back in the day, we didn't culturally really recognize dads in the marketing baby picture and I wasn't even a dad yet myself.

I recently attended and spoke at the Dad 2.0 Summit where Dove Men+Care was a title sponsor. The support from the brand for dads was and continues to be incredible. As a community of fathers, we've never seen so much support before. So you can imagine how excited I am to see this.

And most importantly, I am a dad. Granted my kids are older now, both graduating from graduate school and undergrad college respectively this May, but I'm still a dad. Most of the time I was raising them, there was very little if any acknowledgement of the role that dads play in the physical and emotional well being of our children. Little if any from those around us and little if any from the brands we were using.

Quite the contrary, back then dads were portrayed societally as bumbly fumbly fools who couldn't handle the rigors of parenting. Babysitting, maybe, but just for a few hours if absolutely necessary. Mowing the lawn, absolutely necessary.  So you can imagine how excited I am to see this.

Times have changed, thankfully.

What I love about this film more than anything is the simplicity of the messaging. No complicated or polarizing politics or social statements. No long winded list of product benefits. Simply dads bonding and caring for their their own style, in the manner that feels natural and real to them.

#RealDads. On brand, certainly.

Because as long as there's love and caring, it doesn't matter how you parent. On point, certainly.

Thank you Baby Dove! What's your experience? JIM