Pass the Heinz

Don Draper, ala Mad Men, finally got his campaign sold...evidently nearly fifty years in the making.

If you are familiar with the now classic Mad Men television show, you may remember when the lead creative director presented what seemed to be a breakthrough campaign for his client Heinz ketchup.

But the problem is that there was no ketchup in the advertising. What say what?!?

Where's the Heinz? Pass the Heinz.

Bold and daring move, but the campaign never saw the light of day. Seems the clients weren't comfortable not showing any ketchup, or at least the ketchup bottle.

But that was Don's point. It's missing the ketchup, and therefore consumers will miss Heinz.


Mixing fiction with reality with a whole lot of nostalgia, Heinz just recently released that campaign...sans ketchup and all. Making Don Draper and a whole lot of his fellow advertising lovers very happy.

Aside from being really simple and creative, it's really smart. As Don predicted, the photography makes you literally miss the ketchup, or in this case miss the Heinz.

Bravo, no matter how many years in the making. Pass the Heinz. 

Now I need to see the social media extensions!

What's your experience? JIM