Walls All Around Us in Marketing

There are a whole bunch of brands who are joining the conversation du jour about "walls." In marketing, we are currently being surrounded by walls, pun intended.

While some find the notion that brands are entering a political fray a bit frustrating, I think it's perfectly acceptable for a brand to make a social statement. In fact, many consumers say they want to know how a brand sits on any given issue. They are making brand choices based on it. I don't have a problem with that, personally and professionally.

One of the most discussed brands of late is little known 84 Lumber who launched this Super Bowl spot:

But 84 Lumber wasn't the first brand...Tecate beer from Mexico took on the issue awhile ago, with a plea to use its product to help bring the walls down:

Corona is another Mexico beer brand who brought in a universal message about walls earlier this year as well:

And now the latest brand to jump in the game is Diesel, with perhaps the most creative spot, or at least colorfully creative, with what is in my opinion the best featured use of its products:

Diesel has perhaps the most integrated campaign of the lot as well with an extensive extension into social media, digital marketing, and instore point-of-purchase materials all celebrating Make Love Not Walls, including a great site with lots of photos! Full integration to spread the message and sell some clothes.

I have a funny feeling we haven't seen the last of walls this year, whether they're coming up or going down.

What's your experience?  JIM