Canada Goose Goes Public

For the past several winters, there's been one prevailing logo on the streets, and this winter was no different...and with the massive snow storm hitting the east coast this week, the timing couldn't have been better.

Canada Goose. As in the winter coats from, well, Canada. With, well, goose down.

It certainly seems like a repeated overnight success, like the recent Hunter Boots hit from a few years ago when it was the "it" winter ingredient.

The Canada Goose company went public this week with much fanfare, following a string of successful seasons sparked by celebrity seeding, including the cover of Sports Illustrated. After just a day, the stock price rose 25%, marking the second biggest IPO of the year.

Investors were thrilled, I'm sure. Although not all of them. PETA also wants partial ownership, so that it can voice its concerns over the coyote fur used in the hoods and the goose feathers used in the lining.

Will we see more of this brand? Probably. Will it expand its product line like others before it? Likely. Will it have some issues to manage along the way? Definitely, as most successful brands do.

It'll be fascinating to watch how the brand markets its way along the way.

What's your experience? JIM