#LoveHasNoLabels - The Pro Bowl Kiss Cam

Sports is such a huge part of our culture...it almost feels foolish putting that statement into print. And over the years, we've seen a more and more diverse audiences in attendance and in viewership for sporting events, with mega franchises even starting to recognize it. And celebrate it. And share it.

It's just not your grandfather's game anymore. Thankfully.

Which is why I love this new execution from The Ad Council as part of its #LoveHasNoLabels campaign. In it the organization tackles one of the long-standing norms of the game, the kiss cam. And it shows the diversity of our culture in the process. Showing that love has no boundaries, no limits, no prejudice.

During the Kiss Cam at this year's 2017 Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl!

Now here's a message I can get behind:

Just for reference, this isn't The Ad Council's first message of this kind. Here's the #LoveHasNoLabels execution from last year, equally as fabulous:

Public service at its finest. #LoveHasNoLabels also has a site worth visiting, worth sharing, worth supporting.

What's your experience? JIM