#Smunday from Heinz

Let's face it, Mondays #$%&. It's the worst day of the week, by far. This coming from a man who loves his job!

And there's one Monday in particular that is particularly bad...the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday!

Think about it...we've just had a blast with our family and friends. We started the party early and it goes way past our normal "school night" bedtime. So Monday comes and we are already overtired, we're in a food coma, and perhaps we've been over-served. Just sayin'.

Which is the insight in the Super Bowl campaign from Heinz, a key Super Bowl party staple. While not an official sponsor and not an advertiser, the brand still figured out how to participate in the marketing mayhem of the big game...

...by announcing the worst day of the year: the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. Smunday. It even sounds horrible. Smunday.

I think this campaign fell under the radar for most, but the company certainly put its money where its mouth is.  They didn't just say how bad Smunday is, they gave their employees the day off. And gave other folks a chance to sign a petition to make Smunday a national holiday so we can all have it off, at Smunday.org.

Makes sense, given how universal the sentiment. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest moments in our popular culture, so why not have the day after to recover? Studies show productivity is at the lowest point of the year that day anyway.

Clever, and on point. #Smunday.

What's your experience?  JIM