Live Snickers Ad

The race is on for Super Bowl advertising fame, and the brands are starting to pull a few punches (how's that for the tragic use of three puns in one sentence?).

How on earth will the brands out do each other this time around?

Well here's one that's going to try...Snickers. The brand announced last week that it will continue its (now) infamous campaign called "You're Not You" with a live commercial during the Super Bowl. Yes indeed, football fans, the brand is going to put on a live production during a commercial break.

If you're not familiar with the campaign, here's the version that broke during the 2010 Super Bowl with Betty White:

Wow, this campaign has endured seven years, quite a feat!  Here's last year's version too:

We've been seeing this "live" trend for a bit now, perhaps starting when NBC did the live version of The Sound of Music during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend a few years back. Target pulled it off at last year's Grammy Awards with Gwen Stefani, when she launched her new single.

I guess when it comes to the Super Bowl, as the Carpenters would sing, "It's Only Just Begun!"

Here's the best part...when it's "live" then the brand can't preview it which makes the suspense even better!

Can't wait for the Big Game!  What's your experience?  JIM.