CocoaVia Shows the Benefits of Chocolate

As I've been traveling through airports already this year, I've been noticing signage for CocoaVia...a nutritional product made from cocoa. It's made by Mars, the makers of M&Ms.

I'm not a chocolate consumer to be honest, but I've certainly heard about the health benefits. Admittedly, I've never known if they are true or not! Fact or folklore?

Turns out that the true health benefits lie in cocoa flavonols, a compound within cocoa.

Seems as if "chocolate" does have some true health benefits, specifically for the circulatory system. Perhaps now we can finally confirm all those benefits we were hoping were true!

Clearly the company has done a thorough job of telling the cocoa flavonal story and putting together the brand CocoaVia. The website has loads of information including recipes and how they source from Indonesia.

How cool that Mars, the same company that makes fun and frivolous M&M's, is offering those true benefits as well. In digging into that company a bit, you'll find a real commitment to science.

Pretty cool in my branding book. What's your experience? JIM