Budweiser - It's Original Immigrants

Budweiser released its Super Bowl ad this week, and the timing couldn't be more perfect even if they had planned it. Or maybe they did.

Essentially, the spot is highlighting and celebrating the immigrant heritage of its Founders. While there's no direct mention of President Trump and his policies, there's also no need to...we all get the message. Evidently the spot was planned well in advance of the recent Executive Order, which makes sense given the timeline to produce such high quality film. Coincidental or not, the brand portrays such a positive view of how this country and their company was built that it's stands in stark contrast to what's happening in real time.

So while there's no puppies this year and very little of the Clydesdales, I like the symbology and the timing coming from Budweiser. And the messaging.

I'm sure this will make for great fodder when it plays during the Big Game...and we all debate the best in show from all of the advertising. More to come on that!

What's your experience? JIM