Branding Trump Around The World

I've long said that this Presidential cycle was going to be all about branding...and Brand Trump came out on top.

Now that he is soon-to-be President, Donald Trump's brand seems to be some of the most surprising places.

Like at shopping malls.

A big mall in Taiyuan, China erected a large stylized statue of Donald Trump as a rooster. It is the year of the rooster, after all. The statue is a major traffic builder, and sales generator since it is also available for sale in sizes that range from around $50USD to over $1,500USD.


Shopping malls are a big part of the Chinese culture, so any way to get your shopping mall "brand" to attract attention could be a great traffic builder. This is just one example of one "brand" trying to use the power and influence of Brand Trump...which is now Presidential Brand Trump.

From a marketing perspective, it's all fascinating to say the least. Some might say the very least, but then again I find any and all branding and marketing activity absolutely fascinating. When it's tied to what's happening in our collective pop culture, then it becomes even more fascinating and likely more powerful.

And yes, politics is a big part of our pop culture as many a brand is starting to find out. And this is just another example of how politics (and branding) is affecting us all across borders.

What's your experience? JIM