Audi Spain Tackles Gender Stereotypes

I appreciate it when folks from all over the world send me marketing tidbits to take a look at. I especially appreciated this one from Spain. Muchas gracias.

One of the coolest productions I've seen in awhile, with a message that subtly, or perhaps not so subtly, takes on an issue far greater than the category (cars) or the brand (Audi).

We hear over and over again that consumers want to see brands tackle social issues, with some bigger than others. The best are the ones that address topics close to home. In this case, the brand speaks to what is feminine vs. masculine when it comes to cars. And I guess toys as well. Age-old stereotypes being shattered as we watch.

The even cooler part is that the brand created limited edition sets of the car and doll, acknowledging that the two do in fact go together...for the holiday gift-giving and toy season. Well done!

What's your experience? JIM