The Greatest Gift of All

I truly believe that the greatest gift of all is helping someone else.

For me, helping someone overcome a burden or struggle is where I try to be the most helpful. It's the entire reason why I wrote my book Out and About help people realize that they can jump over the roadblocks that come up in life and be happy and successful.

Whatever happy and successful means for any of us.

I recently received a Facebook message from a young man who reached out to tell me that my book helped him. That's also the greatest gift of all...having someone tell you that you've helped them. WOW!

His words really moved me, and completely reminded me why I wrote the book. In many ways, we need to be helping each other now more than ever!

Here's what he wrote to me:

Your story is really inspirational. As a young man who is struggling to confront his sexuality you have burned a tiny light of hope in my heart for building a family...Please be proud that you gave someone a little joy and comfort through your life. Stay blessed!

Jim JosephfatherhoodComment