John Lewis and Sainsbury Holiday Advertising 2016

I find myself looking for any excuse to find something "different" on my social streams other than politics these days. Luckily, the holidays are approaching which gives us many opportunities to escape.

And escape we shall...into holiday advertising, one of my favorite things of the year. I posted a few classics last week, which you can take a look at here.

But I've been keeping track of new ones this season, and I have to say that the Brits never disappoint.

We can always count on luxury retailer John Lewis, and in fact one of my all time favorite holiday commercials is from John Lewis in 2015 featuring a sellout plush toy named #MontyThePenguin:

But this year we have #BusterTheBoxer, complete with a continuing story online if you keep clicking:

Sainsbury is another British company, a grocery retailer, that never disappoint either. Here's a classic from 2014 that put this company on my radar, for good was inspired by real life events:

Sainsbury returns this year with a blockbuster spot featuring James Corden of Carpool Karoke fame:

I could go on and on, mostly because this is a lot more fun than reading my Facebook feed right now.

Do you have a favorite commercial for the holidays? What's your experience? JIM