"Awesome" is My Most Overused Word

I use the word "awesome" all day long. It's one of my favorite words. It's just so expressive. It's got emotion, it's got energy, and it's hugely complimentary. To say that someone or something is "awesome" is to give it the highest compliment. At least in my book.

But I worry that I use it too much, and it may start to lose its meaning. So I started paying a bit more attention to see if I could pick up a few other words to use instead of "awesome."

Awesomesauce. "Awesomesauce" is when something or someone is more awesome than "awesome." I get it. I'll try it but it's a bit awkward.

Slay. "Slay" is a bit more versatile because it's a verb that can take many forms. You can "slay" something or you can have "slayed" it or you could be "slaying" it right now. To "slay" is to really overachieve...when you nail it you slay it. I'm worried that it's a bit trendy and I'll sound like I'm trying too hard. Beyonce can "slay" but I'm not sure that I can. But I'll give it a try and see if anyone laughs me out of the room.

#GOAT. This is by far my favorite because it's a hashtag, and who doesn't like to communicate in hashtags. Well, I know a lot of people who don't but that's besides the point. Hashtags are quick and easy ways of communicating a full thought. This one...#GOAT...stands for "Greatest of All Time." What's not to love?!? But will it be around long enough for me to be able to use it?

Any others out there I should know? What's your experience?  Perhaps I'll just stick with "awesome!" JIM.