She's a Lady - H&M

I love when brands challenge societal norms...particularly when the brand's point of view is both relevant to its audience as well as true to the brand's character. I'm a big believer that brands both reflect and inspire our collective culture...and it's our responsibility as marketers to take that responsibility seriously. We have to remember that people are watching and taking note.

Which is exactly why I like this new campaign from H&M, as in the fashion retailer. The brand is challenging what it means to act like and and look like a lady, and boy did they nail it IMHO. The brand is sending an open invitation to be yourself, with your own unique style, regardless of what you are "supposed" to look and behave like.

I love the realness - of the women, of the situations they are in, and of the fashions they are wearing. And I love the real diversity the video reflects of our culture. We are a diverse group, and we are all our own person.

Bravo! More than a few conventions put to rest in that little spot. Complete with a cameo from Lauren Hutton, among original for challenging conventions.

Very inspirational and very easy to emulate.  What's your experience? JIM.
Jim JosephH-M, pop culture1 Comment