Making Fashion Week Affordable and Accessible

Right in the middle of New York's Fashion Week, we have two retail brands touting runways of their own, in an effort to make Fashion Week more shop-able and more obtainable.

First up is Kohl's, inspiring women with a fashion sense: The world is your runway. Go ahead -- own it! #everydayrunway

The new campaign includes what I would consider solid advice on their to create certain looks for certain situations with Kohl's fashions. Practical and easy to follow.

Next up is Macy's who's making a big splash in New York, online, and on air with E! Entertainment Television: Macy's Fashion's Front Row. 

To kick off Fashion Week, the retailer hosted a concert and fashion show at the Theater in Madison Square Garden that will run on E! this coming Thursday night on September 15th. During the show, viewers can shop the runway that features fashions and certain fashion brands only available at Macy's, including a new collection from Betsy Johnson.

Pretty clever...taking the hype and buzz of Fashion Week and making it affordable and accessible to anyone. Fashion Week is fun because it's so inspiring, but the truth is that it's very unattainable. It's nice to see some marketing action to address that.

Both brands are doing a great job, IMHO.

What's your experience? JIM