Wearable Heartbeat Rings

There's been oh-so-much talk and buzz about wearable health technologies...from counting steps in exercise to monitoring sleep at night to checking your pulse for heart health. There are even wearables that help deal with pain. And oh-so-much more.

But here's a new wearable with an entire new health benefit...emotionally staying connected to the one you love.

The HB Ring.

Is it the first wearable with a truly emotional benefit that can also help your health and wellness?

The new HB Ring actually lets you feel the heartbeat of your partner/spouse/significant-other, assuming that you are both wearing the rings. Now I realize that you can send your heartbeat to another via the Apple watch, but these rings actually allow you to feel each others heartbeat in real time. Hence, the HB Ring. Hence, the true wearable innovation.

I'm not sure that this is for everyone, and in fact for me I think it would make me a bit paranoid TTYTT, but I can certainly see many a folk who would love it. As the brand says, the rings are for those who are really in love!


For me as a marketer, I just think it's cool to see wearable technologies take a completely emotional turn. And as a person, who's not into love?

What's your experience?  JIM.