Tracey Norman for Clairol - Born Beautiful

File this under "stories that go down in history." All kinds of history.

Tracey Norman was/is the first black transgender model. She modeled for Clairol (as in the hair color brand) back in the day (as in the 1970's) and now she's back for Clairol Nice'n Easy again.

Hair and hair color is what helped Tracey create her look, and she's back to tell her evolving story on behalf of the brand, once again. Back then she had to hide the true identity of her gender, but not anymore. Not anymore!

The brand's packaging featuring Tracey from those early day says, "Born
Beautiful." Indeed...can't make this up!

History in the history, fashion history, LGBT history, human history.

This makes me respect the brand on so many levels...Clairol is a true pioneer, making bold moves back then that it still sticks by today. Celebrating woman all along the way, all women all along the way.

This is called a brand that knows who it is and what it offers to its consumers. This is called a brand that both reflects and inspires our popular culture. This is a brand that deserves our support.

As a marketer I say, "Brilliant." As my daughter's father I say, "Way to go." And as human I say, "Thank you."

What's your experience? JIM.