Puma Suedes

I was on a New York subway the other morning and notice a transit campaign for a line of sneakers from Puma called Puma Suedes.

Suede. Smooth.

They had me at "suede." I used to love suede when I was younger. In fact when I think of Puma Sneakers, I think of suede, from back in the day.

What caught my attention more than anything else was the retro feel of the campaign, despite the fact that it features current style makers Kylie Jenner and the duo Rae Sremmurd. While they are all "in the day," they were able to pull off the "back-in-the-day" look. I'm not personal fans of the celebrities, but I do admire the look. They got my eye long enough to read more.

Totally makes me want a pair. In blue. And red. And black. What's your experience? JIM.