Actors as Brands

Those of you who know me know that I do a lot of writing. And I absolutely love when one of my pieces ends up in an unexpected place, potentially motivating an unexpected person.

Sure, I talk a lot about big brands and big brand marketing. Their work is often big, impactful, and motivating...which is why I always say that we can learn a lot from them. Marketing is a spectator sport!

But I'm also a believer that almost anything and anyone can be a brand too. We are all brands, looking to accomplish goals in all aspects of our life. We are particularly a brand when navigating our career.

Well evidently I sold one person on this argument, someone who is an actor. He sees himself as a brand, and is trying to find a unique positioning for himself. I say, "Well done."

Click here to read what he has to say.

Yes, actors are brands too, and not just in Kardashian style. Actors have to serve up themselves and their talents to get roles. They have to "sell" themselves to get "buyers" to buy into their talents. The better they position themselves and the better they manage their careers, arguably the more successful they will be. This one actor sees that he has to become more and more specific about the "kind' of actor he is in order to position himself for more roles. Music to my marketing ears!

In essence, in many ways actors are small business owners...owning their business and their brand. Some aren't so small!

In many ways we are all brands and in thinking about ourselves that way we just might be more successful.

Ask yourself...what's your experience? JIM

PS - In my book, The Personal Experience Effect, I outline the steps in developing your own brand. Check it out if you are interested.