A Twenty Year Reboot

I went and saw my very first Star Trek movie this weekend, and I have to say that I really liked it. I guess you could say that I'm a late bloomer!

I felt persuaded to go not only because it was a rainy day and we didn't have much to do, but also because the movie has been in my social media feed constantly over the last few weeks. I finally broke down and said, "Okay, Okay,  I'll go!"

An odd feeling came over me as I was walking out of the theater and thinking about the nostalgic parts of the film and its plot. I'm pretty sure it was basically the same story and character lines as the original and the original remakes. Hence the fan following. Did I just watch the latest installment or did I see one from twenty years ago? I'm not sure!

But it's not just Star Trek. So much of our pop culture in the last few months has been nostalgia from a previous era. It's like it's the '90's (and some early '00s) all over again.

Pokemon. Donald Trump. The Clintons. Michael Phelps in the Olympics. We were just talking at work about it...we are witnessing reboots of the classics from twenty years ago. People were standing in line overnight this weekend to buy the new Harry Potter book. What year is it again?!? 2016?!?

My kids were babies back then, but now they are millennial young adults consuming this rebooted "stuff" like they're brand new concepts. Because they are brand new again. Chelsea Clinton is 36 and she has two babies!?!

It's enough to make this baby boomer's head spin.

What's your experience? JIM