Coca-Cola On The Radio

In continuation of its incredibly popular global campaign "Share a Coke" where the brand put your name on its label, Coca Cola is now putting song titles and lyrics within hands reach, right on their packaging.

Presumably, you pick a song that you most identify with. For 4th of July, I would have loved to see "Born in the U.S.A.!!"

It's pretty clever, actually. Music brings us all together, no matter who we are. With not so subtle messaging, Coke is saying that it can do the same thing.

As a mega Donna Summer fan, I would love to see "Love to Love You, Baby," or "I Feel Love," or "She Works Hard for the Money!!"

Very consistent with the brands positioning of happiness. Especially in the summer. Hot stuff!

What song would you want featured...what's your experience?  JIM

PS: Coca-Cola has long been in the game of music. Here's a classic from 1971...maybe they're still teaching us to sing along.