Gillette - #GoAskDad

In a move that feels similar to the very successful #OptOutside campaign from REI for Black Friday, Gillette has released a campaign urging us to stop searching for solutions on the internet and just #GoAskDad.

The social buzz sparked immediately.

The campaign is based on a stat:  94% of teenagers ask the internet for advice before their dads. Gillette (from P&G) wants to change that, at least for Father's Day! Just like REI wanted us to skip the malls on Black Friday and spend time outdoors. I love it!

P&G's Always used a similar stat about confidence in young women when it developed a similar-in-feel campaign for Always called #LikeAGirl. That campaigned ignited social media even faster, creating a benchmark of sorts.

Now we have #GoAskDad.

As a dad, of course I love it. In my times, we weren't always recognized as being caregivers. In fact, most brands showed us a bumbly-fumbly fools who couldn't really be counted on when it comes to the kids.

There is a fair balance of shaving in is from Gillette after all. And a lot of learning how to tie a tie. But truthfully, that's a big topic of advice from fathers so its totally appropriate. Which is what makes the brand so authentic. With lots of room for more editions with new topics, daughters, generations, etc. Well done.

Gillette, and many other brands, is reversing the old stereotype of fathers and better reflecting the dads of today. Thank you and Bravo!

What's your experience? JIM

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