Mark Zuckerberg for H&M

I love a good April Fools' Day joke. And I love when brands participate...shows a sense of humor, a knowledge of pop culture, and a realization of "we get it."

Each year I'm never disappointed to see the lineup of brands having fun with their April Fools' Day jokes.

My favorite this year, by far, is from H&M where it debuted a new line designed in collaboration with Mark Zuckerberg to give us all "one less thing to think about." Famous for his signature simple look, this new line replicates to a pair of jeans and seven identical grey t-shirts.

One less thing to think about in the morning, that's for sure.

While the line is compact, the website certainly isn't. It's done to a t!

The catch? Mark Zuckerberg and/nor H&M had nothing to do with it. In fact, the creator has so far been undiscovered.

The brilliant part is that the essence of the two brands (Mark and H&M) were also captured to a t. Perfect. And the two brands didn't have to lift a finger at all to get this attention and social sharing.

Money can't buy you that kind of love.

For that they should say "thank you" to the joke. Because the joke is not on them...they should be smiling!

What's your experience?  JIM