JetBlue Reach Across the Aisle

I love this very timely "social experiment," created as a piece of content and then marketed by the airline brand JetBlue.

I think we are all collectively tired of disagreeing on everything, and fatigued from feeling like there's never going to be a compromise. Ever.

This little ditty gives us a bit of relief...and a bit of a smile.

While I'm not sure how it's tied to the brand's equity, it does a great job of reinforcing (softly but not so softly) all of the destinations serviced by JetBlue. It would have been even more compelling if the crowd was trying to decide on a political issue, but that may be asking too much and would have taken it even further from the brand.

But a man can hope!

Let's just sit back and enjoy it. And yes the CEO is quite media-friendly!

What's your experience?  JIM