Super Bowl 2016 - Advertising Previews

We are just a few days away from the big game, and all the Super Bowl advertising is started to roll in...into YouTube for advance previews! Let's take a look at a few that are hitting viewers' radar.

There looks to be no shortage of star power, that is for sure. I applaud this effort from Budweiser featuring Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren for Bud? Well, in this case she has a special message...

I'll listen to anything she says!

"Don't Drink and Drive" isn't the only serious message this year. First timer SunTrust has a universal message as well...we all suffer from financial stress and it's time to cherish the moments instead!

Let go and breathe!

OK, time to have some's the Super Bowl after all. We can always count on the crowd-sourced work from Doritos. Here are the three finalists this year:

Who are you voting for?

And finally, this one seems to be an early fan favorite. From Heinz, a bit of a staple at Super Bowl parties I would imagine...

Some have said, "this is what advertising should be." I agree.

For me, the advertising is the best part of the game. Ever since I was a kid. So much so that I started doing Twitter parties five years ago to comment and celebrate the craft. Join me during the game and tweet on at #SuperBowlExp.

I'll be asking...what's your experience? JIM