Can Persil Beat Tide?

This little ditty from the Big Game this year has been cropping up on programming ever since kick off.

It's a "new" laundry detergent (at least to my naked eye) that is taking on the big guy...Tide, with a direct performance claim based on research from a "leading consumer testing publication." When you did into search a bit more, you find out that the publication is the one and only Consumer Reports, which has placed Tide at #1 in the category more than any other brand.

It's not easy taking on the market leader, especially one that is so firmly entrenched. And Persil is taking on Tide right where the category

As I've written many times, I'm not a believer on fighting against functional benefits. Unless of course the product has a real, meaningful, enduring advantage that is hard to overcome. I personally believe that the war is won on emotional benefits.

Not an easy feat against Tide either, because I'm betting that it has traditionally won in the functional and emotional space as well. I just wonder how long it will take for a competitor, or for Tide itself, to come back with yet a better functional claim. That's how it generally works, each product comes back and ups the one before.

Generally not a game that can be won on function alone. Where's the emotional quotient in this equation, in this attack?

We shall see. What's your experience?  JIM.