Super Bowl 50 Advertising -- Hidden Gems

All week we've been reading people's commentary on their view's of the Super Bowl advertising and of the Halftime Show. It certainly feels like those two things have captured more attention than the game itself. Certainly for me!

While there's been criticism (to say the least), there has also been some admiration. I wanted to take a moment to salute what I think were some standouts in the field of advertising this year. In particular, I wanted to mention three spots that for me didn't get as much attention, but are worthy of a shoutout.

Axe. The spot from Axe came later in the game, and perhaps there was some fatigue at that point. Or perhaps viewers had written it all off at that point. But the messaging here is very powerful and very insightful, so it's due a little applause.

Who needs a six pack when you got the ....!!! Everyone has their own magic.

Death Wish Coffee. Intuit QuickBooks gave this "small business" the stage during the big game. Very creative, very engaging. And I've now heard the brand name every single day ever since. If building awareness is a goal of a Super Bowl spot, then this one scored.

Who doesn't want an extra dose of caffeine?!?

Coke Hulk vs Ant Man. While this spot definitely falls into the big brand and big budget category, it was able to break through the clutter of what many perceived as otherwise just noise, with some surprise and delight for viewers. It was indeed a refreshing alternative to some spots that started to feel, well, spotty.

With just one mini.

The Super Bowl has been called "the marketers holiday," and "Brand Bowl." It is fun to take a moment and celebrate our industry and revel in a little creativity, magic making, and consumer targeting.

These three stood out as hidden gems IMHO.

What's your take? What's your experience? JIM