Super Bowl 50 Advertising - Public Messaging

Ok, so my advance predictions for this year's Super Bowl advertising were way off. Way off. Couldn't have been farther off. Footballs fields apart.

I thought I had it! I predicted a lot of messaging around "one world," and "we are all in this together." The world is a tough place, and I just assumed that brands would take the opportunity to send a positive message of unity.

I was way off.

BUT...I will say that there were a few brands that stepped away from their products and offered up a higher order message. A public service message if you will.

Domestic Violence. For the second year in a row, the NFL tackled its biggest issue. Through yet another creative device, it communicated the need to support those who face domestic violence. Proving once again that you don't need big celebrities and big production budgets to send a clear and compelling message.

Drunk Driving. So many brands have tackled this public issue, honestly with great success. But none quite as classic as this one with Helen Mirren from Budweiser. The biggest question people had, by the way, was if she really does drink Bud? She's pretty cool, so I have a feeling that if she's in the spot then she's drinking the beer.

Save Water. Full disclosure, this is one of my clients. But I just love how Colgate pulled away from its product features to highlight a key issue when using its product. Brilliant, if you ask me. And very compelling.

So in a sea of PuppyBabyMonkey characters, car chases, and hyper-produced Hollywood productions, it is refreshing to see and hear messaging that rises above it all.

I just wish there had been more of it.

What's your experience?  JIM.