Ariel #ShareTheLoad

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I am intrigued by this spot from P&G global laundry brand Ariel.

Intrigued because on the one hand as an active father, who was a real active father back in the day, I shake my head in disbelief. Total disbelief. Especially as I see active fathers of all flavors taking care and raising their kids today.

But also intrigued on the other hand because I know that active parenting in reality isn't universal, and not universal all around the world. Not yet anyway.

So I have to applaud the messaging, and quite honestly applaud the execution, of this piece of content from Ariel...encouraging men to #ShareTheLoad. Not to mention the subtle inclusion of the category, yet resisting the temptation to throw in product attributes.

Such restraint, such reality, such inspiration. #ShareTheLoad.

Turns out there's more than just the video. The brand has a fully integrated campaign to get men to do the household laundry, including a pledge, some rewards, and a partnership with Whirlpool. Talk about being "direct!"

Let me tell you, there were many days when I was carrying the burden and I could have used someone to #ShareTheLoad, so I can relate. (and yes, I am a man!)

I'd like to think we are past all of this family role stereotyping and I'd like to think all fathers (and all mothers) are instrumental to the daily care and emotional support of their children, but I do realize that we have some way to go.

Brands doing work like this will certainly help. Bravo!

What's your experience? JIM

PS - and then there's we need any proof of the importance of active fathers?