Yes, Even Putty, From Vat19

I get asked all the time how to create content for, how shall I say it, boring products. Marketers struggle with how to make business-to-business or very standard consumer products seem, well, interesting.

I know it's a challenge, perhaps more of a challenge, but trust me it can be done. Start with some customer intelligence, develop a sound strategy, and get creative...the basics of marketing.

But it's the "get creative" part that people struggle with.

Well here's an example that perhaps can provide some inspiration, from Vat19. Vat19 is an online retailer of many quirky things, including putty...stuff they call "curiously awesome." Ok, but how on earth do you make putty interesting...interesting enough to get people to log on and buy it.

Well here's where the brand "got creative," one of many times across many of their product all started with a bathtub and 500 pounds of putty:

Suddenly, putty isn't so boring. It was actually interesting enough to get me to log onto the site and discover all the products they feature, bringing me into the entire brand experience.

Like this chocolate milk mixer. Wish I had seen this when the kids were young...

There's an entire buffet of content videos that pitch their unique products. I think that's quite creative.

What's your experience?  JIM