WestJet Above & Beyond

The Canadian airline WestJet has been known to produce inspiring content that shows how their team goes above and beyond for their customers. That's their story.

Witness this viral video that's made the social circles these last few holiday seasons.

Well it appears that they are sticking to their story with an entirely different series of stories, featuring people who have personally gone above and beyond in their lives.

This one story in particular captured my attention, featuring a young man who faced bullying head on. He changed his life and changed his attitude, and found happiness as a result.

As a dad, my heart sank at the thought of how much he misses his dad. I can't even imagine it. And I can't imagine the bullying he faced, and how he so bravely decided to alter the course of his high school experience.

How inspiring! And such an amazing reflection on the values of the WestJet brand. Well done.

You can see more WestJet Above & Beyond Stories by clicking here.

What's your favorite? What's your experience? JIM