Favorite Blog Posts of the Year

I write a blog post virtually every day ... it's just a normal part of my routine at this point. It's a creative outlet that gives me great joy.

In particular, I do a lot of writing for Entrepreneur and Huffington Post, on various topics surrounding business, marketing, pop culture, and family. Sometimes all of the above!

I thought it would be fun to once again pick my favorite posts from the year, from these two venues. A year-end list, if you will, of what captured my fancy most. Ten of them to be exact.

Here goes ...

TEN ... Here's How To Boost Your Social Media Following: Begin with the basics, for any kind of brand.

NINE ... Is There a Difference Between a Brand and a Product?: You guessed it, the answer is yes! My mantra at work all year long.

EIGHT ... Lift Off Whoa!: A much-needed eye-opening flight.

SEVEN ... College Reunion - Going Home: One of my most read posts of the year about a life-defining event.

SIX ... Instead of Always Aiming to Win, Agree to Agree: A main philosophy that rules my life, and my book.

FIVE ... An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Respect, from one dad to another.

FOUR ... Are Those Your Kids?: We need to redefine the role of "parent," for all "parents."

THREE ... Do We Groom Ourselves on Social Media?: Perhaps it's time to remove the filter. I know I tried.

TWO ... A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: What you put out there makes an impact, back then and right now.

ONE ... Honesty and Acceptance Starts with Self: Taking a look at the man in the mirror isn't always easy. My most shared post of all time.