Snickers Swimsuit Issue

We talk all the time about how a little bit of paid media can really pave the way for generating a lot of buzz, and how social and earned media can amplify it even more. We've actually seen a few online "pr campaigns" that went virtually wild suddenly turn on a little bit of paid media to extend their reach. Witness Whirlpool and Always #LikeAGirl with their recent paid efforts on the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl.

Now along comes Snickers, continuing its "Not Yourself" campaign for a few years in a row. The brand ran a new spot on the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards as well, and now has done what I would call a "paid media stunt" to generate even more buzz.

The annual "Swimsuit Issue" from Sports Illustrated certainly generates enough interest on its own. This year is no exception with what some are calling a cover photo that is just a bit too revealing. I pay no mind to tell you the truth...this is just their "brand" in action.

But I did notice the back cover, from Snickers. The brand spoofed the real front cover using campaign elements from "Not Yourself" to likely capture just as much attention. The media has picked up on it, social media is buzzing about it, and consumers are passing it around like well, it's a Snickers bar.

I guess this is what a super model looks like in a swimsuit when she's hungry!?! Well done, Snickers!

What's your experience? JIM.